Higher Ed Intrapreneurs Podcast

I credit many of the experience I had as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech for why I’ve been successful in my adult life. Being involved on campus taught me the intangible skills I needed  to be successful in the working world after graduation. Unfortunately, I believe the experience I had was an extraordinary one and many of my fellow class mates who did not proactively seek out the opportunities I did were not prepared adequately for life after college. As a firm believer in the value of a 4 year college degree and the higher education system, it pains me to see inadequacies in the way it aspires to it’s educational mission. In our day and age, there is so much evidence about how we should change the way we educate and structure learning in our universities.

I started the Higher Ed Intrapreneurs Podcast because I’m passionate about helping universities evolve and innovate to better serve students and the needs they have now and into the future.