Greek Life Movement

As a member of a fraternity and someone who worked for the headquarters of my organization, I believe Fraternity and Sorority Life at it’s core is a force for developing young men and women into better men and women by instilling values that can serve them throughout their lives. This is what the founders of fraternities and sororities founded them to do. In our world today many of the young men and women in these organization struggle to understand their organizations true purpose and hold themselves accountable to living their values. The fraternity and sorority community is in a struggle for integrity. If we continue to allow our organizations to conduct themselves in ways that are incongruent with the values expressed in our rituals and ceremonies, we will eventually become irrelevant and extinct. While we have seen and heard stories of how destructive fraternities and sororities can be for young adults, I know through personal experience how transformative they can be at the same time. I choose to be engaged in progressing the movement forward by taking responsibility for the things our community does that is not in line with what we believe and taking actions to help correct those actions. As an alumnus, I will always dedicate a portion of my time to advising undergraduates and challenging them to think deeply about their college experience so that one day we will be known for the values our founders envisioned many years ago.

I was asked to speak at the Men of Principle Scholarship Banquet honoring 10 finalist by the Beta Theta Pi chapter at Johns Hopkins University. These were the thoughts I had for them at the beginning of 2018.